Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Engineering at Centrale Nantes Mauritius Campus

As one of the top Graduate Schools of Engineering in France, Centrale Nantes has strategically chosen Mauritius to extend its international presence, establishing its Mauritius campus and joining the African continent. The economic and industrial dynamism of the country and its position at a multicultural crossroads allows Centrale Nantes to respond to the increasing demand for engineering education in Africa and the Indian Ocean, meeting the needs of industrial companies in a global market and sharing its expertise in this region.

Empower your future
Centrale Nantes's mission is to train highly qualified, agile and innovative engineers, at the forefront of science and technology, who are able to tackle the 21st century's complex challenges.

Centrale Nantes aims to produce a new generation of engineers who are pioneering solutions to major global issues in the areas of energy, water, environment, transport, housing, urbanism, manufacturing...

Thanks to our experience and pedagogy, we have put together a strong programme on the Centrale Nantes Mauritius campus that combines advanced technical expertise, personal development, multicultural skills and industrial experience. Read more.


The Centrale Nantes' Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Engineering (BSc. Eng.) has a total duration of eight semesters (four academic years). Specializations are offered in civil engineering, industrial engineering and ocean engineering during the fourth year.
The programme is designed to attract the best and brightest students and prepare them to act as graduate professionals in the various fields of engineering. They will be offered a strong programme that combines advanced technical expertise, personal development, multicultural skills and industrial experience. They will be prepared to succeed in a workplace filled with diverse people, attitudes, and ideas; to compete in the global marketplace; to work effectively in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams; and to confidently understand, use, and develop modern technology.
Courses in the Bachelor of Sciences (Hons) in Engineering involve a total of 10 months work experience as well as practical training in order to provide access to professional practice and to prepare students for professional careers.

Programme overview

Our programme offers extended knowledge of mathematics and physics, in-depth knowledge of the selected engineering specialization and covers the basics in project management and business. In Year 4, our students chose to specialize in Civil engineering, Ocean engineering or Industrial engineering with industrial work experience included.

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To be eligible to register as a Professional Engineer by the Council of Professional Registered Engineers of Mauritius (CRPE), students will need to complete at least until the Masters level.
"It is a privilege for us to have one of the top French universities,
Centrale Nantes as a partner in the engineering field, through the
establishment of its international campus in Mauritius.
We share the same vision that providing outstanding education opportunities
to Africa's youth is key to the sustainable development of our country and of
the continent at large."

Thierry SAUZIER, Deputy Chief Executive officer,
Medine Limited - ISCIA

"The ICSIA initiative in Mauritius is bringing the best of French higher
education system to African and Asian student communities, in an
environment closer and more relevant to their own. It ambitions to train
bilingual high-level executives in various professional areas, with an added
awareness of African cultures and its relations with Europe and Asia, hereby
meeting a critical need in our jobs. Convinced by the quality and originality
of the initiative, TOTAL will provide it with utmost support."

Momar NGUER, Director for Africa & Middle East,
TOTAL Marketing & Services
Published on March 9, 2017 Updated on May 18, 2017