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In collaboration with Job Teaser, Centrale Nantes has launched a simple and quick service for partner companies used by the students. The service provides:
  • An overview of the company and its professions
  • Details of careers events (conferences, recruitment sessions, entrance examinations)
  • Access to job offers for internships and permanent positions
  • Event reminders

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Contact: Frédérique Lavaur-Coquet


A Centrale Nantes student completes almost 12 months of work experience in total across the three years of study. This provides significant practical experience, allowing the student to test his engineering skills and assume responsibility in a real industrial context.
  • 4 weeks minimum in the first year (July/August) at execution level.
  • 20 weeks minimum at the end of the second year (April to August) - engineering work
  • 25 weeks minimum at the end of the third year (April to September) - Master's thesis.

Start dates of internships:

  • Master: 6 February 2017 for 6 months
  • Second semester internship (abroad): 22 January 2018 for 6 months (to 31 August 2018)
  • End of final year: 3 April 2018 for 6 months (30 September 2018)
  • End of second year:  3 April 2018 for 5 months  (31 August 2018)
  • End of first year, execution level: 25 June 2018 for minimum of 4 weeks (2 months maximum until 31 August 2018)

Forum Atlantique

The Forum Atlantique is one of the largest recruitment fairs in France, the largest in the West of France. Each year the fair is attended by around 2000 students and around 80 companies.

The fair, which receives backing from Centrale Nantes, École Supérieure du Bois, Icam, École des Mines de Nantes, Oniris and Polytech Nantes, is organised by the Forum Atlantique association, composed of students from the aforementioned establishments. 

More information:

Junior-Entreprise: Centrale Nantes Etudes

Centrale Nantes Etudes is a non-profit association with an educational and professional vocation. Comparable to an engineering consultancy, the association acts as the intermediary between engineering students and companies who call on their services to undertake a project (under contract), linked to their field of study (energetics, computer science, civil engineering, materials, market study etc). Around twenty projects are completed annually within this context.

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Published on December 19, 2016 Updated on October 23, 2017