ICT at Centrale Nantes

The ICT department at Centrale Nantes supports the teaching staff in injecting innovation across the teaching programmes.


  • Provide the teaching staff with technical and teaching support
  • Facilitate best practice exchanges
  • Support the creation of digital content
  • Develop teaching initiatives
  • Participate in the development of a digital campus


Teaching support:
  • in class
  • scenario development
Support for technological and teaching innovation:
  • Monitoring tools and practices
  • Evaluation of methods
  • Development of innovative practices
Training - activites and resources
user support: moodle@ec-nantes.fr
  • Innovation in teaching seminars organised within the Alliance framework
  • Teacher training for PhD students
  • Creativity workshops
Objective: adopt a skills-based approach to teaching and assessment.
Published on March 9, 2017 Updated on May 29, 2017